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Parents: Jessy x Bodhi
Mating: 11 mei 24
Planned: 13 jul. 24
Born: 12 jul. 24
Day of pickup: 8 sep. 24
Color: Abricot rood evt parti
Coat: Wave
Size: Mini

5 pups rood abricot en gevlekte 3 dames en 2 heren
Parents: Jolie x Rosso
Mating: 12 mei 24
Planned: 14 jul. 24
Born: 11 jul. 24
Day of pickup: 6 sep. 24
Color: Rood abricot
Coat: Wave en curly fleece
Size: Medium klein

Deze pups liggen in het gastgezin in Obdam. 3 heren en 3 dames Abricot en rood
Parents: Elza x Eddie
Mating: 13 mei 24
Planned: 15 jul. 24
Born: 11 jul. 24
Day of pickup: 7 sep. 24
Color: Bruin , phantom, sable evt parti
Coat: Wave fleece
Size: Mini groot

Veel dames 5 bruin met wit parti incl phantom 2 bruin phantom

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The option to apply for a Puppy opens per litter. It is not possible for us to approach everybody on the waitinglist by Email or phone.

If there has been a mating and there is a positive ultrasound, the waiting list sometimes opens when we see that it is going to be a big litter. You can register for 1 combination to prevent people from filling in a lot. Previously we had 1 general list for all litters.

It remains nature and I can never predict when the ladies will come into heat, that can also be much later or earlier than planned. If fewer puppies are born than expected, I will contact those families.

The mothers do not get their first litter with us before 20 months of age, but it can always be later. We've found this is better for the moms-to-be. They also have a litter with us a maximum of once a year. We aim to plan an extra period between nests 2 and 3 for the recovery of the body. But also to give the host families a little more rest during a period.

The more wishes in color / coat type / size or gender, the longer the time of waiting can be. After all, we can't stick these dogs together in the garage. If you don't have a preference or wish list, you can often turn quickly to be. Keep in mind that 80% of the Netherlands wants a red bitch, so if those combinations are full quickly.

We select the parents on health and character and not on "the looks". In addition, we breed Addison and epilepsy evasively, which means that we ensure that there is as little chance as possible of offspring with Addison. And now say itself, it is of no use to anyone to have the most beautiful dog that everyone attacks because of a rotten character or has a lot of pain due to, for example, heavy HD.

You cannot select a gender or color in advance with us. You will then have to accept the gender and color that is made available by us. If you really do not want a certain color, do not register for a litter in which that color is also present.

Our planning for future litters is below.
It works very simply.


As a breeder we always reserve the right to change a combination. Even if a certain combination is planned, there can always be factors that lead to the decision to opt for a different parents. That is it right of every breeder.

I also always have my first choice to keep 1 or more puppies from a breeding program for both my own breeding program or with a colleague breeder, this is reported on time and does not affect the waiting list for is already predetermined.

Delivery outside the Netherlands:

We are bound by the Rabies legislation applicable in the Netherlands. This means that we have to keep the puppies for a longer period of time before they can be delivered outside the Netherlands. Partly because of this, we can only meet the demand from outside The Netherlands to a limited extent. After all, the puppies must be provided with temporary shelter and care. We are therefore forced to charge extra for this.